Welcome to Powder Coat Unlimited, North Hollywood, CA

Powder Coat Unlimited provides quality and durable coatings for iron or aluminum in a variety of colors and finishes.

Powder Coating can restore your metal assets with a new finish. The Powder Coating process system can coat metal. For example we can coat metal file cabinets, shelving storage, cabinets, desks, lockers, elevator doors, mail boxes, gates, car rims, bike frames, railings, iron fencing & truck parts.  

We keep peace with environmental technology, Powder Coat Unlimited does not use solvents on any product. Powder Coat Unlimited has proudly  served the Los Angeles County for over ten years. 

Powder Coat Unimited is a full service powder coating facility located in Los Angeles County. Our facility is conveniently located off of Coldwater Canyon Ave. in North Hollywood. We offer a full range of metal coating services including powder coating and sand blasting. We now offer touch up paint. (Call and ask for details)

We pride ourselves on providing the best powder coating in the industry with our competative prices and quick turn around services.

We are set up to handle jobs of all shapes and sizes. There is no job too big or small that our state of the art facility or our certified professionals can't handle. We have been serving our community and other states around the country for over 10 years! We are known in the industry to produce excellent work. We take pride in our work. We are passionate!

Don't settle for second-rate powder coating or low quality paint substitutes. Powder coating provides you with a durable finish that is designed to last a lifetime and retain its luster. Powder coating is the perfect solution to finish your projects and products.

Powder coating can be used for a wide array of metal and non-metal surfaces. Powder coating is an eco-friendly alternative to liquid paint and high VOC chemical paint solutions.

Our state of the art facility produces zero VOCs and recycles 100% of all materials.

Stop by our shop today to see color samples and get a price quote.

We also weld and repair any broken parts

We have a wide range of colors and textures to choose from. 

We offer Pick-Ups and Deliveries.

Powder Coat Unlimited provides quality, durable coatings for iron or aluminium in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Our ovens fit large and long items. We pick-up and deliver. Give us a call at 818-982-3979. Our business hours are Monday - Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays by appointment only. We will take care of your metal finishing needs.

To keep pace with environmental technology, Powder Coat Unlimited does not use solvents, there are no toxic chemicals released into the air.